Essity strives to offer a Total Rewards package that is an optimal mix of compensation and benefits solutions. 

As an employee of Essity, you are offered a Total Reward package that is competitive in the market place you operate in and we strive for recognition of employee‘s individual and team performance. Your compensation package is a mix of base salary, bonus and benefits. Essity provides benefits both during employment, while on parental leave or sick leave and post-employment via retirement plans.  

Flexible working

Our culture is brought to life by our employees living it. Essity strives to create a happy, safe and healthy environment that empowers you to be your best-balanced self. One way to make that possible is that Essity offers where feasible flexible working times, part time work and paid vacation.  Working from home can be an option for employees from time to time where it is possible. 


We at Essity care for our employees’ long term and to ensure the essential balance of life and work.  Health, well-being and future career development are of utmost importance for us. We sponsor this via health care programs, medical plans, activities, trainings and development opportunities.   

Competitive reward

Essity is a performance-driven company and we reflect this in both our base pay management and our variable pay offering. We offer a market-competitive base salary subject for annual review relative individual performance and market development. 

Almost all employees participate in any variable pay program e.g. STI, sales incentive, All Employee Bonus, Gain sharing or similar.   

Our benefit offering during and after your career with us covers, where locally competitive and appropriate, attractive pension solutions, health care and life and disability coverage. 

Typical examples include locally competitive retirement plans and where appropriate, death or short- or long-term disability covers,  

Enjoy opportunities everywhere

International experience, diversity and career opportunities is valued and sponsored by Essity via supporting Mobility programs, services and benefits offered for the employee and the accompanying family.  With offices in over 55 countries, you can work in any field you choose and are qualified for, around the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to Essity.